Cleopatra v.d. Gorsselse Heide, as she is named on her pedigree, is a very small, black & tan lady.
The little lady is born on September 14, 2008, at René and Rob's
van de Gorsselse Heide, Almen.
Her daddy is Jan-Job van de Gorsselse Heide, and her mommy is Rascal´s Home Poco Toos.
This is our first black & tan kaninchen girl.
When we calling her, we name her Cleo. She is born in a litter of three, she is having one brother and one sister, all of them are very, very small.
Cleo unexpectedly moved from Almen to our happy gang.
It has been a wish from the heart of me to find a very petite but well built kaninchen dachshound and add that little dog to our own pack.

Cleo is very small girl. When she was 9 weeks old, her weights was 930 gram.
We surely have seen at Renee and Rob's that Cleo was small, but once we were home we had great comparison material; Diddle's four-week old puppies.
Cleo is very brave, and happily and spontaneously investigates everything she sees. You sure needed to keep an eye on her, because the other dogs needed to learn how to play carefully with her but that didn't seem to be a problem of course.
Whether it's a dachsie, shar-pei, cat or foot, everything is fun to play with
A real dachshound girl, as she knows how to take care of herself and how to let others know what she wants.
She is blessed with a very happy, brave and undertaking personality!

If you got a little curious to Cleopatra you can click here, and if you want to know who she is coming of you can take a look here to her pedigree. Are you also curious to the results of Cleopatra at the show, then you can click here.

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