On July 29, 2012 is Showgirl de la Hérelle born.
Her dad is our Formula Uspeha Majestywinner and her mommy is Oublie de la Hérelle of Jan Peter van Zweeden. On October 2nd, 2012, this lovely miniature black & tan girl came to live with us. Her nickname is Lola. Lola has 1 sister and 2 brothers. Sissy Stracciatella is born at our own home on May 16th, 2011.
Sissy's daddy is our Formula Uspeha Majestywinner and her mom is our Diddle.
Sissy is a choc tan dappled miniature shorthair female. She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

Sissy is always super cheerful, super spontaneous, super friendly and devoted. You will never find her grumpy, not even early in the morning.

She loves to cuddle, or to go for a walk, or play with us. She is always in for doing something together with us. If that isn't possible, she will most probably be found hugging the bit red cat Humpy and laying in between his paws.
It's clear to us that Sissy is just a super sweet darling, and satisfied with about any form of kindness and love.

If you want to see what Lola looks like, please click here for pictures. If you are interested in her pedigree, please click here.

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