How it all started...

During our first quest to find an awesome smooth hair Dachshund we soon found out about the smooth hair dappled Dachshunds. We had never heard of this before but by seeing them we were directly in big love with them.
So it had to be a choc tan dappled one but also a Kaninchen (very small miniature). This was the most impossible thing what we could think of, they told us each time again and again. With help of some great people during our  quest we found out pretty soon that we couldn't find any here at The Netherlands and we had to look for it even outside Europe. That is the reason we went to America and we saw our first miniature smooth hair choc tan dappled Dachshund, it was love at first sight. Not a silver tan dappled one but a
choc tan dappled one. We fell for that color  immediately. This is our Limo.
Limo doesn't have sadly enough no show potential at all but he is a great doxie with all the doxie points.
In the past we have had a Blue Merle Collie which also belongs to the same almost impossible category as a dappled Dachshund belongs to with their color but also with the priority of others. You can see this as well at a dog show. One judge love it and the other judge absolutely not. 
Of course we also know there is also a high risk factor when we maybe want to breed with our doxies. A dappled Dachshund has his own formula to breed with. But to explain it much better to you I advise you to take a look at the button Colors and Patterns. 

The dogs, which will be bred with, will be tested on inheritable diseases like PRA/Catarac en Distichiasis.

Our goal is to breed healthy and happy puppies. Of course character, build and beauty are having a high priority!

Our dogs lives with us in the house. We have made our choice not to us any kennel or benches.

We  hope you have fun browsing our website. 
If you have any questions or you like to get some more information about one of our dogs, please contact us by email or at our phone number +31(0)206852020. 

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Elly and Steven de Kok